Feeling pressured from other people’s anger?

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Heated discussions in the business world can create barriers or open doors of awareness, knowledge and new beginnings. Stepping out of our emotion long enough to look at a situation from another perspective can make magic by harnessing high-charged energy and transform it into forward movement toward new solutions. Stepping into the other person(s) shoes is one perspective, but playing with over exaggerated perspectives can be more effective in bringing light into a darkened space, like watching cartoons with over-exaggerated characters brings laughter rather than provocation. Perspectives come in all sorts of styles using qualities that can involve any of all five senses. Some examples might be your favorite food perspective, your favorite character or person, a teapot perspective, simply anything your mind can imagine as a perspective.

  • What is a fun perspective you have used in your life when dealing with an angry person?
  • And what resulted from the perspective?

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