Feeling like you’re always paying it forward in career and not getting paid back?

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Often it can feel as though you’re paying it forward in your career without any return. One reason for this delusion is because the return doesn’t come from the same place or person you pay forward. In other words you give help to someone in need without expecting something in return simply because you can—trusting that what goes around, comes around. Because that person does not directly pay you back, it can seem as if you only pay out. One way to balance the scales of giving and receiving is to look consciously for all the ways you receive each day. Turn up the volume of gratitude in your life. When you give for the joy of giving, the return can unfold to you in spectacular ways that you need it most.

Today, look for all the ways you receive.
  • What is the first thing you notice?
  • What is the second thing you notice?
  • Keep going…

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