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Recognize Your Innate Core Values!

Get More Done… With Ease!… Find out your motivational drivers!

It takes 10min and you’ll discover in your profile report:
  • What causes you to conflict with others.
  • What values you base a majority of your decisions on.
  • Why you make the same mistakes over and over.
  • How you can improve your relationships with others.
Whitewater rafting image with quote about self expansion through leaning into your fears.

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Complete this sentence. If no body’s feelings would be hurt, money and time were not issues; I would absolutely want to… Travel abroad? Start my own business? Learn a new language? You could start today with language CDs, E-books, online classes, and even look up and bookmark tickets for your first trip.

It’s certainly easier to stick with what you know then taking action towards your dream even after looking within and discovering your authentic voice calling you to be what you were meant to be. Although your knees may go weak, you’ll always get butterflies or maybe a little queasy just before you leap; fear will no longer be your reason to quit. Leaning into your fears practices the difference between (False Emotions Appearing Real) and actual danger. It strengthens you against self-doubt. It stretches all your good life experiences to GREAT! It creates new life stories and habits that spiral you upwards to a GREATER YOU!

What’s the end of your sentence?
If no body’s feelings would be hurt, money and time were not issues; I would absolutely want to…
Yoga Headstand in Beijing China

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I’ve been spending a lot of time on my head lately, turning my world entirely upside-down. I bought myself a yoga chair that allows me to distribute my entire body weight on my shoulders rather than my neck while standing on my head. It is supposed to help promote better circulation in the body and a few other healthy things. Artists sometimes use a state of upside-down to encourage creativity and writers to clear writer’s block.

What’s your experience when your world is completely turned upside-down?

Benefits from this King of Yoga pose…
A Clock, Tag Line "Time for Change," and Quote: We are the change we have been waiting for. by Barack Obama

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“It’s time for change” is certainly a big theme all around us. Even though it has shown up quite drastic at times this year, you can soften the impact of the changes you are trying to invoke by implementing them in smaller increments that are more manageable with longer lasting impact. Five minutes a day of something new can feel less overwhelming than one hour. A great article I recently read 15 Easy Ways To Relax Under 5 Minutes by Helen Sanders reminded me of this concept when I connected to not one, but every single way she suggests to de-stress. I realized that I not only believe in these relaxation methods but have used each one with great success! The key is simplicity—small increments and creatively choosing the one that works “right now” when you feel stressed.
Multi-National People holding signs of block letters that read "LANGUAGES"

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…. 千里之行﹐始于足下 [千里之行﹐始於足下] Qiānlǐ zhī xíng, shǐ yú zú xià
I’m beginning my first Mandarin Chinese language course in preparation to live the next 3-5 years in Beijing. It will be an intense 4-weeks in Bonn, Germany with 26hrs of Chinese each week– the Rhine River is sure to provide an excellent background for relaxing into this new language.

Learning a new language is an immense challenge, yet enriching on so many levels. Besides the intellectual challenge, I look forward to transforming my travel experiences in the country by being able to connect with new and interesting people and expand my vocabulary. Already it is helping me let down prejudices that I didn’t even know I had and becoming more open minded about a part of the world that is so unfamiliar to the small town American girl inside of me. This experience is certainly a big lesson for me in overcoming some of my greatest fears and insecurities.

Jumping into the fire—feeling out of control with language, culture, and physical location is also an intense way of developing great leadership skills. I’m curious to hear what you think about the connection between great leadership skills and learning a new language.
Lisa Hale ICF-Berlin Bringing Leadership Home

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You won’t want to miss this Berlin event! It’s Thursday June 23rd – video below.

When we as experts (coaches, speakers, trainers) set out in our own business and deliver great service – we imagine at first that everyone will get what we do and why it’s valuable right away. Alas, that isn’t how it works is it?

In Bringing Leadership Home, through entertaining and poignant stories you will be shown a powerful model that you can use with clients and yourself to improve your own life and results. And we will explore just exactly how to uncover your own point of view to position yourself as the expert resource that you are.

About Lisa E. Hale, Ph.D., PCC – Focused Leadership Consulting

For more than 20 years, Dr. Hale has coached, mentored and trained leadership teams, business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs on four continents to achieve their business and life goals faster, with greater satisfaction and confidence.

Outstanding results show up when your purpose and your vision are aligned. The key is not just to achieve results. The key is achieving results that truly matter. On purpose! With exceptional leadership, you create your life and your business, with intention.

Some of Lisa’s recent clients are: Source Gas, Florida Power and Light, Office of Personnel Management, Lovelace Hospitals, Sennheiser NM, Defined Fitness, Guerilla Group, Department of Energy, Albuquerque Health Partners, National Forest Service, US Air Force, Department of State and additional businesses throughout the world.

Lisa holds graduate degrees from Northwestern University and post-graduate credentials in leadership and executive coaching from the College of Executive Coaching and ICF (International Coach Federation). Lisa is the incoming president of the ICF-Colorado Board of Directors.

Speaking/Training Topics:

Bringing Leadership Home: Three Key Performance Strategies, Effective Communication; Team Performance; Culture Change; Alignment; Strategic Planning; Creating The Life and Business You Want; Emotional Intelligence; Diversity; Exceptional Leadership

Registration under icf-berlin@coachfederation.de

Event Cost: (Cash to be paid on the evening)
ICF Full Members 10-€, ICF Global-members 15-€, guest 20-€
The evening is certified CCE (Continuing Coach Education).
Telephone: +49 (30) 55231081

Venue Location:
meeet coworking for Consulting & Coaching
Konstanzer Straße 15a10707 Berlin Wilmersdorf
Multi-images of Street Coaching Am Lustgarten Berlin Germany

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Empowering! Transforming! Touching people’s lives around the world is so rewarding as a Coach. I love coaching! Today our team of Street Coaches connected with people from parts of Asia, Europe, North and South America… coaching in German, English and even Russian!

A few comments from participants:
  • A surprising experience when your just sitting in the grass! –Lore
  • A good moment to rethink things! –Antonia
  • Very engaging and drew me out of myself, uncommon for me with a stranger! –William
  • It was amazing! –Sara

A BIG THANK YOU to our team of coaches! Thank you to all the special people who participated in our Street Coaching and took the courage to open-up to something new!

A beautiful day Am Lustgarten in Berlin, Germany!
How's Your Career Integrity? Image is a shadow quote by Susanne Wagner.

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I’m talking about integrity in the sense of completeness, wholeness, fulfillment throughout the general progression of your working or professional life—your career.

Integrity in career consists of prioritizing what’s important and meaningful and doing work that is in alignment with one’s personal values. It’s more than looking at a list of jobs or training programs and selecting the one that pays the most.

  • If you weren’t getting paid, what else do you get from your job or the occupation for which you are trained?
  • What will it take so that the outside image of what your career says you are, matches the internal image of your core values—the core of your true identity?

Check out my video and workbook “Leadership Wisdom and The Shadow Side” in my products store!

Image of red sculpture of 2 persons with emphasis on their hearts as one. Criticism, can you receive it as a gift?

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Most of us can accept compliments. Some of us can accept suggestions. One or two of us can bend our minds around a completely new idea.

But when it comes to criticism, that’s where most of us shut the door and hang up the “closed” sign. After all, who wants to hear the sentences that begin with, “You want to know what your problem is?” or “If only you would just change (fill in the blank) about yourself”?

Few people learn how to accept (or give) criticism gracefully as they are growing up. Many may have been criticized harshly or told things for their “own good” that were hurtful rather than helpful. We learn to dread anything that seems judgmental or critical.

Yet, if we can learn to truly listen to criticism about ourselves, we open the door to possibility. Learning to accept and use criticism can be one of the most constructive and profound tools to change ourselves and improve our relationships with others. Not only can we learn more about who we are and how others see us, but we may also learn that it’s okay not to be perfect. And, as a bonus, we may learn that people will love us anyway, warts and all.

Think about the strongest, most recent criticism you received, and ask yourself the following:
  • Where is the truth in the criticism?
  • In what way can I use this criticism to improve myself and my relationship with others?

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Picture of a man and woman pointing fingers at each other. How do you handle criticism? 5 questions to ask yourself when criticized.

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Don Powell, Ph.D., of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine writes that sometimes criticism—the right kind of criticism—is just what we need to make important changes. In an AIPM handbook, Dr. Powell outlines the following questions to ask yourself when working with criticism:
  1. Does the criticism seem reasonable? Is there some truth to what was said? (Perhaps you should pay attention to the remark.)
  2. Have I been criticized by other people on the same issue? (If so, maybe it warrants attention.)
  3. Does the person making the critical remark know what he or she is talking about? (If he or she is a self-appointed critic-at-large, ignore the remark.)
  4. Was the remark really directed at me, or was the critic venting general frustration, anger, or bitterness at something over which I have no control? (If criticism stems from general dissatisfaction, let it slide.)
  5. Is the criticism based on a difference of opinion? (If so, don’t overreact.)
Once you decide that there is some truth to the criticism, you are on the path to taking positive steps to make changes in your behavior or outlook. Being able to hear and absorb criticism without anger or defensiveness helps make the path that much smoother.

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