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Relationships! Relationships! Relationships! Life is full of relationships to people, places, things and experiences. Some of these relationships are more pleasant and fun while others are full of all kinds of interesting learnings. Nevertheless, every single relationship impacts us in a way that changes us forever.

Think of the relationship that is at the forefront of your life right now.

  • What is truly underneath this relationship for you?
  • If you were to describe it as a treasure map what would it look like and what is the treasure?

When you hear the word relationship, who do you think of?

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Welcome to June! It’s the 6th month of 2015!

June is my month to focus my blog on relationship coaching. I believe that the most important relationship is “SELF” and that all other relationships are a reflection of your relationship to yourself. I believe that outside relationships give us opportunities to practice treating the parts of ourself related to others with respect and love. It does not mean we have to agree. It just means that we get to practice loving our self with different levels of understanding and compassion.

  • How can you show more compassion, understanding and love in your relationships today?

  • What are you waiting for? Get to it!

    What signals are you sending to The World through your career choices?

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    Every career choice you make has consequences and sends signals or messages to those around you; your boss, co-workers, family, friends and the list goes on. Just like on social media, every thing you like, share and talk about add to the brand-personality you are creating in your social world.

  • What signals do you truly want to be sending to others through your career choices?
    Name the moment you are waiting for in your career!

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  • Can you list 3 moments you missed out on a career opportunity because you were unprepared?
  • Can you describe the moment you are waiting for in your career when you will step up, make it big or finally get that career break?

  • From your big moment description, look for any words that also describes your values.
  • How many of your values show up in your description?
  • What’s your message here?

  • Prepare today to seize your big career moment when it happens!

    Feeling a bit fickle in your career?

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    Our career is full of uncertainty, unpredictability and fickleness, because we are creating it each day anew. Just because we have experience in certain career fields, does not mean that we move in that direction with our choice of jobs.

    • Looking back at all the jobs you have had in your career, what is the most inconsistent thing you notice?
    • Involving all five senses, what’s the message for you in the inconsistency?

    What would you like to experience with coaching?

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    Tonight I am getting together with a bunch of coaches to discuss the development of an on-going Colorado Coaching EXPO. We will be talking about how we can best serve, educate and connect with the Colorado community as coaching professionals.

    I would love to hear any and all ideas from my followers about what you would like to experience more of with coaching and/or professional coaches.

  • Any suggestions?

  • ValPak&Melody2015

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    Today while driving in Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA I saw the sign for Valpak of N. Colorado & S. Wyoming in an office center, so I stopped in. WOW did my memories flow of my job as a sales representative at Valpak of Boise Idaho! Great memories of winning an award for being a top sales rep of small markets, going to Coupon University in Florida, and my gratefulness of learning to handle rejection. A career in sales is one of the greatest opportunities to learn to deal with rejection. Sales is certainly one of the longest careers so far in my life. I sold, Avon, Tupperware, John Deer Parts, Melaleuca, Mary Kay, and of course Valpak. I am so grateful for the lessons in handling rejection each of these jobs has given me. It certainly makes me a better coach.

    • How does sales fit into your current job?
    • What part has sales played in your career(s) to this point in your life?


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  • How many decisions do you think you will make during your career life?
  • Of course, that question is impossible to answer correctly because no two people or careers are alike, but I bet your logical left brain is having a hay day with that question right now. Today’s blog goes out in remembrance of the American Mathematician, John Nash, the only person to share receiving both the Nobel Prize and the Abel Prize only 6 days ago in Oslo from the King of Norway. John and his wife Alicia were killed together two days ago in a car accident. Russell Crowe played the role of John Nash in one of my favorite movies “It’s a Beautiful Mind.” I am intrigued by one of the things Nash was famous for – his research into Game Theory. Invented by John von Neumann, Game Theory is the study of strategic decision making. Because I have two upcoming Group Coaching Events in Colorado, USA that each includes 3hrs of Decision Making coaching, the tragedy ending of John Nash and his wife weighs heavy in my heart. Thank you, John Nash, for the incredible mathematical contributions you gave to humanity. Game Theory combines mathematics, psychology, and philosophy together to enhance a person’s ability to reason and make decisions in our complex world. One Game Theory example is Prisoner’s Dilemma a cooperation strategy about two prisoners that end up worse off by not communicating nor cooperating with each other. There are several Game Theory models in career business and personal relationships where the payoff between two parties can be applied. Examples range from siblings cooperating to not tell on each other rather than being punished by parents all the way to competing businesses agreeing on the price range of like products and the payoffs involved. In career, the Prisoner’s Dilemma strategy could be applied in the area of the payoffs between you and your direct supervisors, or you and your employees for the cooperation of expectations in positions and work exchange. Enough for now about Game Theory, I will end this blog with one fun strategic thinking question for decision making in a career.
  • If your career somehow involves the payment from tips, what amount of money should you keep visible to attract your maximum charity payoff?
  • How happy are you in your current job?

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  • How happy are you in your current job?
  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) what is your fulfillment level in your current job?
  • What 3 things bring you the most satisfaction from your current job?
  • What 2 things would you like to change about your current job?
  • What are you willing to do right now to make your desired changes happen?

  • GET TO IT!

    In need of a career jumpstart?

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    Courage, determination and imagination! Three powers combine to give your career a jolt in the right direction. As you continue building your career, bring these three elements together by answering these questions and see what ignites for you.

  • What 3 ways do you feel you show courage in building your career?
  • What 3 ways do you feel you use determination in your career when the going gets tough?
  • Using your imagination, what are 2 ways you can bring determination and courage together to make your dream become the reality in your career?