Change In Your Career Journey

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This month the focus of my coaching blog is career. Career is full of changes, some bigger than others. It is certainly easy to doubt ourselves during the unsettledness after making a big career change and think that we have made a wrong decision. I dare you to remind yourself in these moments that this comfortableness is “the journey.” The journey is where the real fulfillment comes.

  • Where are you in your career journey?
  • How can you get the most fulfillment out of this stage of your career?
What is your business mindset –make money quick or more of a life-style?

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Driving through Freising, Germany inspired today’s business blog, as it claims to hold the oldest functioning beer brewery in the World, Weihenstephan Brewery, over 1,200 years old. Many of the businesses in this old Bavarian tourist village have transformed over time. The shopping center (Schlueter Hallen) in today’s picture was recycled from the ruin that once was a factory producing tracker-trailers.

  • What is your business mindset –make money quick or more of a lifestyle?

  • How well do you instinctively create to advance?

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    Yesterday, while riding a bus from Berlin to Munich to watch the German Cup Semi-Final Foosball game in the Allianz Arena between FC Bayern and Dortmund I found my blog post.

    First of all to negotiate the best peace between fans most Dortmund fans rode on the top level of the bus and we FC Bayern fans rode on the bottom level.

    Secondly this is funny as it brought back child memories in Idaho of riding to church in my Father’s pickup truck also in layers, bigger kids on the bottom and smaller kids on their laps as we were usually 8 to 10 children. I would say quite some negotiations played out in order to make it to church on time.

    The third thing that came from this trip is the creative product and marketing FC Bayern uses to ignite fan loyalty. They say the 12th player is the fan. They back it up by offering a player’s jersey that can be personalized for each fan player; that’s where today’s picture comes in. This is also funny because I am child #12 of 15! It’s my number!

    So, a couple of coaching questions for today’s blog post.
    • When crisis explodes, do you instantly blame or do you instinctively create?
    • How well do you exercise your creative instincts when it comes to negotiating and communicating with others in finding solutions in conflict?
    • In the challenge of making more money do you repetitively run through the same old thought cycle or do you instinctively add colors, over emphasized pictures, and look to expand the absurd out-of-the-box thoughts?

    From The Berlin Story Bunker To You; What’s Your Story?

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    Every business has a story, and every person connected to the business world has a story. Stories shape our lives. Stories shape our business life. Stories can be a powerful connection to business clientele. As a picture says a thousand words, stories say more that the words used to tell the story.

  • What is your business story?

  • Today I walked past the Berlin Story Bunker. It was so beautiful on a rainy day that I had to take a picture. This 5-story bunker is an authentic World War II air raid shelter. It has quite some different stories to tell on each level. It even has a horror chamber haunted with real ghosts. I know because I took my teenagers there some years back. It scared the crap out of us. It made me think about the stories each of us have to tell at different levels of our lives and even in our career. Also, because this month my post theme is business coaching, I thought about the stories of business in a couple ways. First that every business has stories from each of the phases in the lifetime of the business. And Second that every person in business also has so many stories to tell. Being a Life Coach tells quite a story about me in that I have been training all my life for what I do today. Many of the stories in my life help me access information, understanding and connection to my clientele in ways that enrich the relationships to the benefit of all.

  • What’s your story related to business?

  • Quote from:
    Feeling pressured from other people’s anger?

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    Heated discussions in the business world can create barriers or open doors of awareness, knowledge and new beginnings. Stepping out of our emotion long enough to look at a situation from another perspective can make magic by harnessing high-charged energy and transform it into forward movement toward new solutions. Stepping into the other person(s) shoes is one perspective, but playing with over exaggerated perspectives can be more effective in bringing light into a darkened space, like watching cartoons with over-exaggerated characters brings laughter rather than provocation. Perspectives come in all sorts of styles using qualities that can involve any of all five senses. Some examples might be your favorite food perspective, your favorite character or person, a teapot perspective, simply anything your mind can imagine as a perspective.

  • What is a fun perspective you have used in your life when dealing with an angry person?
  • And what resulted from the perspective?

  • Business: What matters most to you today?

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  • What matters most to you today?
  • Notice how close is it to what mattered most last week or last month?

  • In the world of business, it can be so easy to loose focus on what matters most and what it is that you are truly striving for when you collapse your focus into the details of what distraction may have pulled you in it’s grips.

    Look back at your original course you set for yourself.

  • What three things still need to be to be completed?
  • Which one matters most to you today?

  • Do the work! Complete it now!
    Risk In Business; fatal or expanding?

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    A certain amount of risk in business is unavoidable, as in life.

  • How can you tell if the risks you are taking in business are going to expand you to the next level or break you?

  • Using a business plan certainly helps you run the risks before you take the gamble. What about risk in your personality? Maybe you are someone who expands with risk, grows with risk and needs the challenge to step upwards. You could also be the opposite, risk throws you over the edge in stress, and you fall into overload or burnout. A great way of working with risk in a way that works with your authentic personality is to understand your values and clarify your basic core values.

  • Why are values so important?

  • Your values are at the center of what ignites you in life and business. They are underneath the right and wrong from outside pressures and programming. They are YOU at your core! They are like signs of a road map that will help you see whether to go– the road is safe and clear, caution– move ahead slowly or stop– under construction you must use an alternative route.

    Coaching is one brilliant way of understanding what you value at your core and connect to your authenticity!

    Ever feel like your business world and inner passion don’t line up?

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    Grounding into your passion! One of the biggest reasons your unable to work in a business field that matches your passion is that you have not developed a clear core method of staying grounded in it. The way you ground yourself into your passion should be more a ritual rather than a routine. Routine is more like the way that you brush your teeth, getting dressed, eat breakfast and go to work every day. But ritual is something that feeds your soul. It works by connecting you to your higher power or God source while keeping you very much in your body. When you think and act not only from your logical brain, but also from your creative core and the heart center of your body, you will find much more peace of mind—fulfillment.

  • What is your passion?
  • How do you stay grounded in your passion?

  • Here are a few ritual ideas to ground you into your passion in the business world.
    • Meditation
    • Affirmations
    • Objects in your workspace
    • Music you surround yourself with
    • Breathing exercises

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    Ever feel you are making decisions while in a constant state of “log-rolling”?

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    Life in business can feel like a constant balancing act? Logrolling is the sport in which you and your opponent are standing on a floating log and trying to knock each other off. It’s fun and competitive in so many ways. Business logrolling, negotiations with trade-offs, challenges you to use business muscles you didn’t know you had. And you are sure to slip, fall, and have to try over and over to get real good at it. You can think of the water as the emotional drama that comes from the mistakes and mess-ups.

    Think of how this scenario applies right now in your life.
    • Where do you love to create challenge?
    • And where then do you find balance and inner peace?

    • Photo by: Richard Hurd Midwest Log-Rolling Championship 06-29-2013
    Do you like where you are in business and where you expect to be at the end of this year?

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    Business is about growth. Growth is about forward transformation –making things more productive, efficient and producing move value.

    Whether you are in business for yourself or climbing the success ladder, look at where you are today and where you want to be at the end of this year.
    • What is the first thing that you notice?
    • How can you reframe what you notice into something more positive?
    • How can you break through contorted patterns and habits, surrounding what you noticed, that throw you into negative thinking?
    • What action can you take today towards where you want to be?