The Business Journey

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  • Remember that day when you decided to do what you’re doing in business?
  • What was it that encouraged you to move forward?
  • What was driving you that day?

  • You’ve taken many steps from that day way back in the beginning of where you are today. Often in the day-to-day tasks it can be challenging to remember your beginning visualization. The journey in business is laden with unfamiliarity that can take us places where we must refocus and recalibrate where we are going. Self-doubt can set in, and our mind looks for only the huge leaps rather than the small steps of accomplishment. It’s important to acknowledge even the smallest steps in a way that gives us some measurement, for our mental mind to process through on a regular basis, in order to keep the drive alive and flowing.

    Write down five things that you consider to be small steps along your business journey.
  • How can you best acknowledge these small steps?

  • Business: Putting It All On The Line

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  • What does the responsible reality of “putting it all on the line” look like for you today?

  • Coming to the end of a circle in business means you’ve learned a lot and gained much experience. And it’s time to combine all of that and use it to stretch beyond your comfort zone, or try and stay safe by beginning the circle again.

  • If there is no right or wrong –only consequences and learning in each choice, what then does “putting it all on the line” look like for you today?
  • Confident Affirmations in Business

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  • How confident are you today?

  • Affirmations are a lovely way to lift your spirit into a state that carries you where you want to go. In business, we can all use a boost, a dose of confidence and forward moving energy. The following list of affirmations just popped into my head when I sat down to write this blog, so I just confidently flowed with it.

    Today, try on this dose of confidence affirmations.
    • I AM confident in all that I do, say and think.
    • I AM confidence in motion.
    • I breathe confidence into every cell of my body.
    • Confidence flows through my veins. It’s in my blood.
    • I radiate confidence in my smile.
    • I collect confident people into my life.
    • Confidence is the inside of me; it surrounds me; it is in abundance everywhere I go.
    • I AM a magnet of confidence.
    • I weave confidence into everything I create.
    • I love deeper with confidence.
    • I live life with confidence.
    • Today I honor my confidence.

    Business: When Everything Breaks Apart?

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    When everything breaks apart, you know you’re on to something. It’s the time of “Do it or die.” In business it the time you are getting promoted, fired, hired or simply stated; change is bidding you make corrections that bring more balance to something that is out of alignment.

    • Which is it for you?
    • Whatever chaos is happening in your business world, how can you better balance your intellect with your good ole’ common sense?
    Business advancement happens when you ride the wave that is breaking around you with your eyes wide open and your emotions in a state of neutral observation. Balance intelligence with instinct using emotions as lubrication for movement in the business world, and you will move farther and faster that you might think possible. Finding balance in the duality of business is critical—when things are up then down, forward then back.
    Business Foundation Built on Values

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    Take the time in business to slow down and cover all your bases. Check for cracks in your business foundation. Your foundation is the most important part of whatever you plan to build, and so it is in business. How high you want to climb should be in alignment with your core values to create a stronger structure for success. If you seek things in business not aligned with your core values, it will eventually surface creating cracks in your structure and limit your success.

  • What three values is your business dream built upon?
  • How well do those values align with your personal core values?
  • Business: Staying grounded to learn from direct experience.

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    Often in business we learn from direct experience—hands-on. It’s important to be curious, explorative and adventurous, but also secure, present and deliberate in our thoughts and actions. Staying grounded and solid in ourselves keeps us focused and present in the moment before us. I have found that when I am thinking and speaking from my heart center my courage is more solid against my fears of moving forward and making big decisions. When I am thinking and speaking from my head, I feel flighty and scattered and give in to my fears more easily becoming overwhelmed.

    In your experiences today, deliberately breath deep into your heart-center before you speak and try to think not only in your head, but also from your center then notice what comes.

    Think of an important decision you need to make in business.
  • What do you notice about the decision when you think about it by breathing it deep into your body-center?
  • Magic in Business Creativity

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    Creating something takes time, effort and a whole lot more than we imagine when we are dreaming about what we desire to create. It’s one thing to have an idea; it’s another to breath life into that idea. One misconception about creating something like a business, for example, we allude ourselves into believing that once we have it–own it, and then it will bring us fulfillment and happiness. A business like anything else we create, represents the growth and development process we went through in creating it. Although it’s tangible, it’s not us; only an expression of us. It’s like a picture telling the creation process. The deception is that the business is not the thing we seek rather its the title of the thing we seek. The creation journey is the thing we seek as true fulfillment comes from inside of us. It’s important to set goals and if creating a business, to name it and nurture it like you would a child; these are what give us direction and focus for inner fulfillment.

  • What are you creating right now?

  • When it is created; is it–the tangible thing– what you seek in your heart? Or do you seek what the title expresses it took you to get there?
  • Courage In Business

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    Courage is certainly one characteristic that has gotten you this far. It takes courage to continue in business, whether you are climbing the ladder in the corporate world or own your own business. Some days can shake the confidence right out of you. That spark of courage is what gets you to move one foot and then the next until your up and stronger again. It’s what helps you reframe the negative into positive.

  • What three things have taken courage for you to attain during this past week?
    Take a moment to acknowledge yourself in your heart-center for your courage.
    Making Things Possible In Business

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  • What are three things that motivate you?
  • How can you use what motivates you into making those few extra phone calls, writing a few minutes longer or stretching a little bit further toward your goal?

  • Let go of old bitterness and look for new responses to old issues.
    Open your mind and venture trying something new.
    You think it!
    You feel it!
    You believe it!
    You become it!
    Now is the time!
    Business: The Squeeze Before The Spectacle

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    Business can either break you or make you! There is always that place where either you become consumed with self-doubt, question everything and give up or hold on, stay still, ride the wave and watch the spectacle of your efforts unfold. When it feels like the end, that is the signal of the birth that point where it’s time to get out of the way and let Nature do its thing.

    • What’s ending for you today?
    • What’s your beginning today?