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I’m Melody Taylor-Fliege, I help you… find answers, take actions and produce exactly what you want.

Why choose Melody?

Training & Experience

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with the Coaches Training Institute, CTI and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, ICF. Other professional credentials include military, university studies in business management, psychology and political science. I have professional experience in office management, free enterprise including a patented for an invention in the health sector, public relations and owned a massage clinic with 20+ therapists. Living a life with many facets, I come from modest roots in the inter-mountain rural areas of Idaho, USA, living now in Colorado, USA and Berlin, Germany, with experiences of living in New York and Southern Italy. I grew-up as No. 12 in a family with many siblings. Combining military service and business with single mom duties, I also managed an international patchwork family with daughters from both sides of the Atlantic and both sides of the Iron Curtain. Through this, I combine the solidity of the Rocky Mountains with the energy of international metropolises like Berlin and New York. My travels so far have led me in well over 30 countries providing me with a high sense of tolerance, open-mindedness and cultural insight.

Coaching Fun with ELIZA?

I am an Executive Coach, Life Innovator and Leadership Architect! I also like having a good laugh. Coaching is a process where you want to change your life – not your coach! This, of course, cannot be provided for free. To provide a free-of-expense, fun solution, I created the online coach ELIZA. Although it’s just for FREE fun, you might find something useful in her outlandish questions! Try ELIZA! But don’t take her too serious!

My Specialties

I use a core values based coaching style to dig deep into each topic. One value characteristic of mine is that I don’t lose time in sugar-coating things or beating around the bush. I rather get right to the core of the matter, so I believe in straight talking in coaching too. My clients range from business executives to managerial and leadership professionals in international governmental organization and even include military and homemakers. I work with driven people who have conquered and achieved much in their lives already. Experiencing this myself as a business woman, I learned that sometimes the smallest doorway can lead to the most unexpected discovery if seen… I help you see!

My Philosophy

What I bring to coaching is my innate ability to help people locate strengths in themselves! I take a strong stand for self-empowerment through core values connection and can foster this attitude in others. Various experiences, both professional and personal, have taught me the power of personal values, which I express through my coaching style as an Executive Coach, Life Innovator and Leadership Architect. I believe personal values are at the core of all change. They are intangible, yet visible to others and show up in every life experience impacting your decisions and personal behaviors. They influence your motivational drivers to be your greatest self, strive for more and to make your highest and best possible contribution in life.

What is Coaching?

Professional coaching is all about change management through structured goal setting in powerful conversations, creating highly transformative outcomes! Differentiating coaching from other service professions can also be helpful in understanding what coaching is and what is not.   Cartoon

How does it work?

I offer a variety of options in my coaching practice from 1-on-1 coaching sessions that include telephone and in-person; to highly effective group & webinar coaching events.

Getting started is easy!

  1. Book your Coaching AppointmentCreating an optional user login gives you access to all your client interactions as well as the ability to change answers on the form questions prior to your appointment.
  2. Receive your booking confirmation. An included link lets you reschedule your booking if you need.
  3. Call at the confirmed time of your appointment. The number to call is given in your confirmation email. A reminder is also sent to you 24hrs before.
  4. Receive a follow-up email following your appointment.

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What Are Your True Colors?

Have you ever seen yourself in colors? What might you look like in full color? What if your values had color tones to them? What might your look like then?

Self Power: Truth Inside

The most powerful knowledge is the truth inside of each of us.  The only one who has power to stop that — is YOU!

Change: Yearning for it?

Are you yearning for change? Restless to awaken a part of your that seems to be crying out to be seen and acknowledged?

Decision Making Help

Do you have a decision before you that feels like it is a life or death decision? Does it trigger so much anxiety that you cannot sleep at night?  Maybe you feel you have very little choice, or no choice at all, yet you must decide!

Sample Coaching: Values

This audio clip is a 13.5 minute in-person coaching on values and life purpose.  Remember that every coaching is unique and personal.

Empowered Women Series BlogTalkRadio Interview

Find out more about it, about me, and how I help people leverage global diversity to more effectively handle the difficult challenges we all face! Don’t miss this live 30-min Blog Talk Radio interview!

Empowered Women Series Interview
Diverse faces of people from Coach Melody Taylor-Fliege's Coffeeshop Coaching

Best of Beijing Group Coaching

I am excited to share to you the best moments of the recently concluded Group Coaching in Beijing, China.

Highlight Picture of Beijing Group Coaching

5 Elements Explained Video

5 Element Coaching Tool

Coaching is all about change and utilizes a lot of tools to maintain balance while moving forward into action. Coaching tools help create distance, new perspectives, and choice while fostering self-empowerment through change.

One specific tool I use and am still developing is based on a Chinese philosophy that has been the basis for TCM, martial arts, political Dynasty change, and almost everything in nature and the world we live in.

The 5-Elements Coaching Tool is a discovery tool helping to understand how these elements harmonize and regulate a balanced flow in all that we do, and how we can harness information from the theory of the 5-Elements to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and make use of our full potential.

5 Elements Meditation Audio

5 Elements Meditation Video

Download the PDF 5 Element Dice sheet

Goal Setting

If you’re really committed to achieving your goals, then prepare yourself to truly anchor and connect to one of your very important goals or to deepen the connection of a goal that you’ve previously set. Goal Balancing uses a 3-part method to bring more balance in attaining your goals.

  1. Creating visual brain map
  2. Answering a set of 14 questions
  3. Letting go and allowing Nature to help create your intention

By taking the time to genuinely complete all three parts in setting your goal, you team up with me for a coaching to:

  • Fully embrace and embody any goal that’s really important to you.
  • Trim the edges that hold you back and transform them into the momentum to carry you to achievement through powerful questions.
  • Discover the role your values play in your goal.
  • Connect with your goal in a way that helps or bring you more fulfilment in the process of achieving it.

Download the interactive PDF Goal Setting sheet

Mind Map Examples:

Shared Relationship Journal

Relationships come in many styles and purposes. I believe the most important relationship the relationship with SELF – all other relationships reflect our relationship with self, by projecting out onto others our own personal prejudices, hang-ups, and personal unhealed wounds in order to work through an heal ourselves, and also stretch, grow and develop into a more advanced and better version of our best self-parts.

Download and follow the directions in this all-in-one interactive pdf journal you can share with another or others with whom you are in relationship. This can help turn the relationship from blame, judgement, and/or defense to the opposite innocence, curiosity, supportive, and stronger relationship.

Try it out now! Please let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment!

Download the interactive PDF Shared Relationship Journal sheet