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As a Life Coach, I must mention the power of perspectives that I see happening in the World Cup. The biting incident overshadowing the career exiting of some Italian national football heroes and many other current match details are being less focused on. Luis Suarez’s Latino culture background that more easily condones to strong expression of emotion colides with his anwering to the Anglo Saxen culture of Liverpool for his paycheck, which demands keeping your calm and controling your emotions.  Of course the news doesn’t focus on these undercurrent perspectives of the bitting and instead focus is from a more western society fair play.  What’s your perspective?
The dust has settled and fingers have been pointed as Italy crashed out of the World Cup following a 1-0 defeat to Uruguay. As most of the world focussed on Luis Suarez and Bite-gate – part 3, Cesare Prandelli, likely unaware of the furore unfolding across the globe, tended his resignation. Mario Balotelli isolated himself from the rest of the Azzurri squad as rumours of tensions within the camp emerged. Many Italy fans want to point fingers at the Liverpool man, blame the stifling heat and humidity or even Prandelli for the Azzurris failings, but the simple fact is this Italy team was not good enough from the outset. It is true that Prandelli made mistakes in this World Cup…. But these errors were magnified by a more fundamental point – the majority of players are not of the standard required to win a World Cup…. We have seen a real lack of desire from this Italy in their last two games. Maybe they thought they had the right to progress, maybe they thought they were better than they are. Maybe, they werent as united as we were led to believe…. This World Cup exit should not be about pointing fingers, or finding a scapegoat. Most Italy fans and journalists, myself included, did not expect to win the tournament. A respectable showing would have sufficed. The focus of this World Cup should have been witnessing the final chapter of a great mans international career. The cornerstone of our post World Cup analysis should have been Pirlo, as we will never see the bearded maestro don an Italy jersey again. Pirlo has now hung up his heart but instead we are bombarded with memes depicting sharks and Suarez.
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