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Today is the BIG World Cup Foosball match between USA and Deutschland in Brazil!  It is especially big for me as I live both in Loveland, Colorado and Berlin, Germany.  As a Life Coach I couldn’t help but reflect upon my own personality and the values of both countries that make up who I am.  I’m definitely an American “out-of-the-box-thinker.”  I find German directness refreshing and more suitable to my personality as I hate doubletalk.  Living in Germany along with age has softened my American attitude of culture superiority as I have morphed from a more restricted religious thinking and set of beliefs to a less conservative more spiritual openness.  I have learned hands-on about individual tolerance and embracing diversity.  My journey is what has made me the great Life Coach that I am.  Good Luck to both USA and Deutschland!  I’ll be watching!

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