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Duality is one of the game rules of being human. Adversity is a vital element in expansion of personal growth. Russell Redenbaugh’s story is an excellent example of expansion from that place of nothing to everything. It’s in the place of nothing, when every thing feels stripped from us, that we have an opportune moment to fill ourselves up with who we really are underneath all the roles that we play in life. In the place of nothing we can connect to a deeper sense of that bigger LOVE we all come from by surrendering. The reactionary tendency, however, is resistance to this unfamiliar place and re-attach to things; people places structures, that somehow have become our habits of living life. These traumas are also opportunities to challenge and change our current life paradigms. They provide new direction of learning and personal development. It’s never easy, but it is worth it!

Post-Traumatic Gifted: Moving from Scarcity to Abundance: Russell Redenbaugh at TEDxBend

Published on May 22, 2013

Russell lost his sight at the age of 16 and has learned to “read the world” without being able to “see” any of it. Russell has a skill for learning — not just information, but how to move in a changing and uncertain world. Forming a commitment not to live like he was blind, regardless of how others treated him, he graduated 6th in his class from Wharton. His journey from welfare to wealth has included working as a Partner and Chief Investment Officer for a $6 billion investment firm, being a Commissioner on the US Civil Rights Commission, and becoming a Jujitsu world champion.

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