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Are you in need of a new idea or a better solution to something right now in your life? If so, try answering some of these seven questions about what you are seeking?
  1. Can you change or substitute any part of it?
  2. What would happen if you combine it with something else?
  3. How might you readjust it to serve a different purpose?
  4. What happens if you emphasize, highlight, add or subtract anything to or from it?
  5. What happens if you reverse anything or consider it backwards?
  6. What is non-essential or unnecessary?
  7. If I knew nothing about it, how might I look at it for the first time?
Now, look at your answers. What did you come up with? Did you find any worthwhile solution? Can you apply anything from your answers to the idea or solution you’re seeking? If so, explore it further and apply what parts work and let go of what doesn’t.

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