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Shift happens! As life is fluid and ever flowing everything is constantly in a state of flux – small shifts or life quakes. Change is good, yet our humanness compels us to resist it. Why is that? What’s with the resistance? Could it be that change is more of an in-the-now-moment experience, which is too uncertain or too unknown, so the automatic reaction is to go back to the familiar? It actually takes a lot of energy to try and squeeze the constantly new experiences before us into our comfortable bubbles of our familiar past. It is difficult to let go of our past and open up to the newness of what life is presenting us right now. To accept what is can be difficult until you learn how, how to be comfortable in the not knowing. Our logical mind and our ego desperately fill in the missing blanks leading us somehow to what we already know – our past, therefore resisting change. One of the things I love about coaching is helping and witnessing people courageously maneuver the “Small Shifts and Life Quakes.”

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