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Are you feeling like this week is moving too quickly? It’s already Wednesday! If you feel overwhelmed with your unfinished To-Do-List, try focusing on the task before you by using your whole body and all your senses to bring you into the now moment. Maybe set a short time limit like 10 or 20 minutes with the task before you. During that time move your body, breath deep, or use one of your five senses to keep engaging you in the current moment.  If you try to MAKE yourself focus on the task, most likely you will get the opposite result. Instead, focusing on using your body, multiple senses and your breathing automatically brings your awareness, therefore your presents, into the moment at hand. If you are engaging in the present moment, rather than engaging in the future thinking of not getting your task list done, you will certainly be more productive one task at a time. What do you think?

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