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We need to let ourselves and others fall apart completely with the knowledge that falling apart is crucial in order for us to be transformed. ~Teal Swan~
Building a solid career foundation based in your core values is essential to a life of fulfillment. While honoring your values is naturally fulfilling even during times when it is hard, career choices in alignment with your values brings an inner peace and self-respect rather than a sense of selling yourself short and self-betrayal.

That being said, there is a natural purging process in the metamorphosis of change where we seem to loose all control and fall to pieces. Sound familiar?
  • Rather than trying to figure out how to pull yourself back together, take a moment to just notice and allow the parts of you that are no longer useful to melt away with honor and gratitude from your heart for the purpose they served in your growth and development thus far.
  • Once you feel acceptance rather than resistance to this purging process, can you relax enough to open up your mind to a new way of thinking? Can you open up to thinking from a place that is unfamiliar, new; rather than based on familiar pieces of you that seem to have run their course? Are you thinking from your head or your heart? Can you breath your awareness and thinking out of your head and into your heart? Now what do you notice is different?
  • With every letting go, there is a space that opens up for new? What you fill it with is up to you. It’s your transformation.
Coaching is a methodology that facilitates purposeful change in career and other areas of your life. Recognizing that fundamental change takes time and concentrated attention, the coaching relationship uses a communication concept based in powerful, curious questions and the principle that people are naturally creative and capable of finding career and other life solutions.

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