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Everything in career is perspective. It’s not about what has happened or not happened but about the story you make up around its connection to help or hurt you. Our ego minds are great at making up stories and dramatizing some of the smallest details that give us justification one way or the other in events that simply cannot be explained, at least right now. When we can detach ourselves from the emotion in highly charged career experiences, there is amazing perspective that opens up information that cannot be accessed with too much emotion.

Can you detach from highly charged emotional career situations? If so, what happens when you do? What do you notice about you? About the others involved? How well can you change your career perspective? How good are you at stepping outside of yourself, your ideas, beliefs, and current judgments in order to gain new insight to a career situation? If you are not so good at this technique but interested in experiencing the benefits, you should find someone willing to help you develop this skill. You need someone who you feel safe and comfortable with to open up and explore areas where you might feel vulnerable. Consider hiring yourself a career coach.

Picture: Glued In Firenze-Forced Perspective by Christiaan Triebert

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