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  • How far do you want to go in your career?
  • What is your inner leader revealing to you about stepping up in your career? Even in your life?
  • What is the real question you need to answer about your career?
  • What do you notice or observe about your leader within?
I have noticed that when our wise inner leader steps up, it usually happens so fast that we can confuse it with re-acting rather than thought through acting on our part.

In my life I have observed that in career, like other areas of our lives, we must use a mix of strategies to navigate the waters. Sometimes situations call for lightness, simplicity, and letting things go with laughter. Other times there is need for flexibility, a balance in the give and take. There are even situations that call for a more narrow focused, rigid, heavy-duty willpower and discipline to break through.

Whatever the situation, I have observed creativity as a powerful coping tool against the sudden choices we must make in the moment. Our leader inside is awakened in these moments to step forth and use whichever creative leadership quality may be necessary to live up to the life we really want to create. Our inner leader understands strategies like: when to move in the direction opposite of where we’re going in order to get to our destination; when to use humor to defuse a high tense situation; and when to make a stand; as our inner leader mixes wisdom with creativity.

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