How Many Relationship Tricks-or-Treats In Your Bag?

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Happy Halloween! I hope your Halloween is filled with as many tricks-n-treats as mine has been. My relationship bag is overflowing with treats this Halloween night.

My First Relationship Treat.
It started first thing this morning as my virtual assistant Ninja gave me my first treat of this day. He surprised me actually yesterday, but it really hit me today as we discussed and worked with my boards in Pinterest, as I am new to Pinterest pages. I was so impressed with how he is helping me present myself through coaching it brought tears to my eyes in thankfulness, because my Pinterest image looks so professional yet has so much warmth it really felt nice to look at what he is helping me create.

My Second Relationship Treat
It came at lunchtime as I met the first time with a new girl friend, we had lunch together to get to know each other better, and it was so nice that I just lost myself in the warmth and friendliness. I was able to share and express myself in German, she was patient with me, and we also talked in English. As I learned some about her, it felt nice in my heart. She is as beautiful both inside and out. I look forward to exploring Berlin with her more.

My Third Relationship Treat
It came as I walked down the street to pick up a package at the post office. On my way to the post office, I purchased two bags of candy for trick-or-treaters tonight. Right near the post office was a group of about 8 very small witches and goblins going from store to store, so I stopped and offered some treats from my backpack. It was fun! Halfway home I spontaneously stopped in a unique natural-fiber clothing store and ended up purchasing myself a new style of pants. I would call that a treat for myself. While I was in the store trying on pants I really enjoyed conversation with the sales woman, she is from Hungary. We shared quite a Halloween bonding relationship for about 45min. We had some visitors that she was not prepared for –Witches, skeletons, ghosts, and some other interesting goblins. So I pulled out my two bags of treats and needless to say they were gobbled away by another 20 trick-or-treaters. This woman was so happy I was there with my treats. It was soooooo fun! After leaving her store, I purchased two more bags of treats and made it home. I’m sure glad that I was generous on the street, because I have not had one trick-or-treater since I’ve been home.

  • How many relationship tricks-or-treats have you had today?
  • How much have been able to laugh and enjoy the spirit of this Halloween day?

Photo: Mary Ellen Page’s Halloween Town by Kevin Dooley flickr license.

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