Stress Management: My Coaching Confession

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Stress Management through confession: Here is mine.
Today I came across this email I wrote to my coach when I was training to become a life coach. It was an eye-opening experience of how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown. Looking back, I understand better why I seem to be compelled to not skip anything with understanding values in coaching. Values coaching is so core to what makes me a good coach. Helping people understand the connection of their personal values to their life experiences is so fulfilling to me. Here is my email to my coach:

Hi Monica,
Is it possible that we meet in-person and at my house this next session even if we have to re-adjust the appointment? I might need 2hrs rather than one? I would like one hour for values an one hour for Gremlin and I will pay you the extra. I would like to have you help me use geography and what ever else might work to work through my values and also focus on my Gremlin.

Learning what my core values are is soooooo important to me! I don’t want to skip something or brush over things lightly just to be able to say I have completed my values. If together we achieve my value mining, discovery, and clarity so that I am able to embody and understand myself deeper and more authentic I will feel that we have achieved success in our coaching relationship. I feel understanding and honoring my core values will lead me to all other life successes in my business, my personal relationships, and my life mission and legacy.

Right now I am stuck. I keep pushing and find myself drowning in overwhelm. I need help. I know that I am mixing up values, beliefs, and self-descriptions. I also know that it is more difficult to see my own shit and my own greatness than to see it in others. I feel extremely vulnerable, out of control, fear, anxiety which tells me that this is a very important and a very important transformative change that I am making. I can’t do it alone. My Gremlin/Saboteur gets the best of me plenty of the time.


P.S. My Values
My 1st Step was to use the value list that we created in our session so far. Then I added to it in a brainstorm way, which created more than is true and perhaps much duplicates. Then I put some order to that, and now I am at a stage of narrowing down, crossing out and getting rid of beliefs, descriptions and anything that is not values and value strings. I’m also having a extremely difficult time putting a priority order to them.

So this is what I have to-date (in order) to the best of my ability:
Attachment: A 3 page table

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