13 Natures Of Leaders

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  1. The best leaders are not afraid to be themselves. They do not try to lead like someone they are not. They understand the power of their unique spark and express their light into the world through their individual style of leadership.
  2. Inspiring Leaders know that they lead themselves first, and they used their heart center as their compass.
  3. Influential leaders take self-responsibility through accepting and embodying that no one is going to rescue them.
  4. Inspiring leaders live like there is no tomorrow, from a place of authenticity.
  5. Powerful leaders harvest power through creating sustainable relationships that give them support and genuine acceptance.
  6. Successful leaders surround themselves with people they respect and admire.
  7. True leaders find truth inside rather than outside and seek to educate themselves in every way they can around the cause they are leading.
  8. Effective leaders understand there is a great responsibility in the power of leadership and take their role seriously in using that power to influence those they are leading.
  9. Decisive leaders use an internal filter of decisiveness in all choices they make, and stand ready to take full responsibility of the consequential results.
  10. Efficacious leaders understand the discomfort of chaos that comes right before the breakthrough, and utilize the discomfort to empower rather than doubt their leadership.
  11. Impressive leaders never stop asking curious questions, and listen effectively with mindful presence.
  12. Effective leaders have a strong mind and open heart and a deep understanding of human complexity.
  13. Wise leaders embrace walking the path of pioneering something new. They flow with the exploration rather than resist, and open their expansiveness into unlimited possibilities that leadership provides.

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