Language Of A Leader

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As a leader, your words are one of your most vital assets. They can be used for or against you. What you say creates your image, brand, and forms the way others view you, especially your followers. The ability to speak your mind is an admired attribute of respected leaders. One reason, it is admired, is because it takes courage and a certain level of self-confidence. The danger is that it can also be your ruin if you take it lightly or what you say gets twisted by others. Another reason for admiring speaking one’s mind is because of the power and control it can carry. Power and control are desired by many, yet few have the self-discipline, courage and wear-with-all to use it wisely and not be consumed by it.

Leadership requires being communicative, yet aware of what you say and how you say it. It requires you to be readily willing to listen mindfully to all that is going on around you. To be outward and engaged with a person, a group or even a cause yet inwardly understanding the important messages from the many in the myriad of ways the content surfaces.

As a leader, you speak with your words; your body language, your actions and even your non-actions can penetrate like thunder.

As a leader, your words, like your followers, can nourish you and give you energy or drain the energy from you. A powerful message can appease your human need to leave a legacy, especially when your message gains a life of its own and makes a powerful impact of change in something you support. Likewise, the opposite can happen and suck your life energy while leaving behind a legacy contrary to anything you support.

Use your assets wisely. Clear and reset your intentions often by means of your words, actions and thinking in your language as a leader.

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