Leadership: A Body In Movement

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Your physical body in motion can reveal an untapped energy source you may not have been completely aware of before as a leader. A body in motion stays in motion. Use your body, not to only move but to also generate movement. The Shoulders and hips are creative areas in the body they also contain major joints and moving them can help spark creative thinking. So take short breaks often during long sessions of sitting in front of your computer. Move more deeply and exercise a little more by adding movement wherever you can. Use your body to keep moving, even if it is only to step outside and take a breath of fresh air. Do something that enlivens you. When you find yourself in doubt, move your body. Having a brain fart? Move your spine and bring your thinking out of your head and into your heart and hips. Just move in one way or another.

  • How can you move your body right now? Do it!

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