Leaders Make Impossible Possible!

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A True Story:

My Father looked stunned one sunny afternoon, as I stood on the porch asking if he could help me loosen the last bolt of a car engine I was removing in an old beater car I got for real cheap. My Daddy said with a chuckle, “Melody! You’d make a great drill sergeant!” I looked surprised. Then he followed up with, “I can see you saying to your platoon, see that mountain over there,” as he pointed to a butte about 40 miles away, “No, the other one, which one at least 10 miles beyond the first one. “We’ll make that mountain by morning! And Melody, you would!” I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or complimented, so I chose the latter and laughed. He did help me get the bolt loose that day, but what I didn’t realize at the time was the leader that my Daddy saw in me as I stood there in my BDUs not only in uniform, but down in the dirt removing the obstacle between me and my mission that day –a new set of wheels to get me where I needed to go in life. Thanks Daddy for seeing the leader in me! May you rest in peace.

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