Leadership: Feeling Alone In The Limbo

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Leadership can feel quite lonely at times, especially in the space of waiting after setting something big in motion. The waiting period is that place of suspense in the void of that not-knowing space where you and your followers must wait for the Universe to orchestrate and create what you’ve put into action. Examples are waiting grant approval for an innovative idea or project or even waiting for repercussions from a tough decision you have made. This space between making the tough call and waiting for how it will play out either as a complete catastrophe or an ingenious masterpiece can feel quite lonely. This is the space where you as a leader are questioned, criticized and even blamed by followers and others. It can be quite difficult, but how you handle the difficult challenges and crisis is what sets the better leaders apart from the rest. Of course, leadership also has plenty of fun and fulfillment, but the smaller percentage of leadership within the tough calls can have an enormous impact on you.

What is not noticed by your followers or other outsiders is the internal battle that rages on inside of you where others cannot see. This is where a great coach can counterbalance a leader’s feeling of aloneness by facilitating dialog with all your self-parts in a way that debugs your self-saboteurs through creative thinking and action. Effective coaches give leaders tools of enablement that remind you how to connect and believe in yourself again.

Today if you are suspended in that place of waiting ask yourself:
  • What exactly is confusing me right now?

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