Leadership: Future Self A Retrospective View

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What hopes do you have for your future as a leader?

Everybody thinks about his or her future. Perhaps you optimistically face your future with curiosity. Maybe you fear the unknown of what is to come. You may be adventurous and have audacity for the future.

The good news is that you have a brilliant mind capable of helping you glimpse into a future so real that it can give you intuitive wisdom as a retrospective view from your future-self.

Quick Future-Self Connection:
Close your eyes.
Breathe deep into your body-mind; your center-self.
Find your future-self and connect. Breathe into the connection.
Notice what year it is.
Notice all you can in the connection.
If you have a question, ask it now.
Again breathe deep into your connection listening intuitively with your body-mind; your center-self.
Let go and notice all that is, within the connection to your future-self.
Thank your future-self for the wisdom and come back to the now.

  • What was the year?
  • What was your question?
  • What wisdom did you notice?

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