Leadership: Grow and Develop In Your Reach

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Growing and developing into a great leader transpires along the way. It happens in the reach for what you try to achieve. When you have enough of something, you no longer want it. You want what you don’t have enough of. It is a vicious cycle. The reach for what you want is where the real growth and development happens.

Take exercising, for example, you decide you want to workout for 45 minutes or even that you want to do three sets of 10 of some exercise. When you complete the 45 minutes or the three sets of 10, you take a deep breath of achievement. This achievement is very surface however; sure you get to tell others that you worked out. The depth of fulfillment comes through your personal experience in each moment of the 45 minutes and each repetition of the 30. If you just focus on the end, you miss what each muscle feels like as the oxygen and blood rush in with every stretch and in-breath and out with every contraction and out-breath. You miss what happens to the rest of your body with each contraction and relaxation. If you focus so deeply on each repetition and finish only when your body tells you it’s enough, you probably will not do exactly 45 minutes or exactly 30 repetitions of an exercise. But the fulfillment and self-nourishment, you experience, is so much deeper than words can express. You probably won’t care if anyone else knows you worked out, because you know.

  • What happens when you focus on and notice what is going on in your body with each thing you do today?

  • What happens when you quit waiting for things to be a certain way, and you begin with how things are?

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