Leadership: Space In Chaos

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Leaders lead others through sunshine and storms. Chaos is part of the path of a leader. A valuable lesson for any leader comes through a martial arts concept of the flow of energy –working with the energy rather than against it. Chaotic moments can feel like there is no clear direction, and a leader can become quickly overwhelmed with the big picture. Chaos requires a form of mindful leadership; leading with one breath at a time and baby steps. Like a storm, chaos always passes. When it’s happening flexibility gives space for a leader to; focus on exactly what’s before them, do what they can, then focus on the next thing, until what seems random progress turns into more development than the leader realized with even a few genius surprises thrown in. When you control every step of something, you create limitations. When you can give space to a “larger-than-self source” (or whatever you may call it) to create what you are intending, it usually turns out much better than you could have planned. Chaos is a form of this open-space concept, as it throws you a bit off balance it opens space for creation. If this blog makes sense to you, think about any chaos you notice in your life right now and answer these questions

  • What do you notice when you breathe deep and look for open spaces in the Chaos?
  • What is within your control?
  • What can you do right now? Even for the next five minutes?

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