Leadership With Clear Intention

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Accountability for your intentions is a must as a leader. Being mindful of thoughts, actions, and words are part of the game and can have detrimental consequences when taken lightly –not necessarily to you, but to those who follow you. Flexibility, forgiveness, and a quick apology can be powerful antidotes to well-intentioned mistakes all leaders make. Leaders are only human and subject to misunderstandings like anybody else. Fail forward fast! Focusing on a mistake you made serves to amplify it, and keep you present in the mistake. Instead be fast to apologize, forgive, let go and move on. I’m not saying don’t care or brush over things lightly, rather the opposite. Heart-intention is everything in active leadership. A leader’s intention can carry enough force to break barriers that seem impenetrable. It’s crucial, after making a mistake, to clear and reset your intentions again as soon as possible towards your goal. Leadership can be light, free and more fun when you keep yourself clear and stay as transparent as possible. The weight of, keeping secrets, hiding information, or feeling ashamed can break down any leader’s strength from the inside. Keeping you clear, as a leader should be mandatory to your self-maintenance program.

  • What is weighing on you at this time to clear and move forward?
  • What does your “wise-self” say it will take to clear it for you?
  • What are you willing to do right now about it?

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