Relationship to Parents and Family

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Today, try looking from a perspective that it was no accident that you ended up in this life with exactly these parents. Look from a perspective that you actively choose these parents for the skills and abilities as well as the aches and pains of participating in this family.

  • Can you appreciate that these skills and wounds have helped you become who you are today?
  • Can you recognize your talents and can you also see how your wounds are gifts that have given meaning, purpose and direction to your life?

When you can access a feeling of gratitude for the perfection in the imperfection of your family, all the dysfunctional dramas, then you can let go of resentments and animosity. You can fill yourself up with love of self and compassion for yourself through understanding that this life script was necessary to wake you up to something bigger inside; to help you connect to your inner wisdom. Believe in yourself. Trust in your life steps; each choice you have made along the way.

Celebrate that your life tools that worked forever, not longer apply. As you grow up and develop in life, you step beyond all that you were yesterday. Dare to replace old patterns and habits and ways of thinking with new eyes eager to experience what feels more authentic to who you are today. So that you can better appreciate your parents and family for the role they played in your journey thus far.

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