Relationship With Life’s Imperfection

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Sometimes in a relationship the fantasy is better than the reality. We’ve all wanted to fall in love or be in love, yet separating the fantasy from the reality can be tricky. Real relationship is balancing the giving and receiving, and showing compassion during times of distress when your fears and insecurities surface. It’s about owning your emotions rather than falling into denial and blaming another. So as you search for a meaningful connection outside of yourself, work on being in love with simply being human. That is no small task as being human is full of ups and downs, joys and sadness, liberation and oppression. Work on how you exhibit your humaneness –compassion, generosity, and charity. Can you just be in love with life and living? The negative, obsessive side of wanting to fall in love inhibits healthy relationships. Realizing that no one is perfect–we all have flaws and opening up to others in a way that lets you harvest the concept working with imperfection creates depth and meaning in your life. It’s what’s underneath the positive side of falling in love.

  • What are three things you can implement into your daily thinking to open yourself to love working with life’s imperfection and how it flows through those closest to you?
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