Stress Management: Deciding What To Do

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“What do I do?” If you are asking yourself this question over and again about something burdensome in your life, this blog is for you.

Take a moment to notice anything and everything you can about this whole experience you are having– this ambiguous experience of in-between and not knowing. If necessary close your eyes, but breathe deep into your body, relax and observe from outside of yourself how this experience is playing out in your body. Also, observe from inside of yourself as the experience is happening. Be both the observed and the observer if you can. Don’t try to do or fix anything, only notice. You are not observing if you are analyzing. After you have observed all you can, then open your eyes and write down any thoughts about what you noticed.

Alternatively, you can bring in creative playing to help you lighten the weight a bit. Imagine playing with four colorful blocks. You roll them on the floor, juggle them, line them in a row, and even play with them using your feet. Then with a magical crane, you stack them on top of each other. Placing the last one on top, you notice words on the blocks?

  • What words show up and what do they mean?

  • Big decisions require exploring all your options. Weigh out the consequences, make a plan and move forward. Forward movement doesn’t have to be fast, even the smallest action counts.

  • What action can you take today?
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