Summer Stress Management Program

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The days are getting longer in the Western Hemisphere as we work our way to summer. More sunshine certainly helps in staying motivated with regular exercise and moving our bodies. In managing your stress creating a self-maintenance program, is important. If you don’t already have a stress-management program, create one that is simple enough for you to do it even when stress is high. Let it have routine enough to get you through the negative self-talk from your Inner Critic, yet flexible enough to allow for surprises.

  • Need help with generating ideas to strengthen your summer stress management program?

  • Stress Relief Resource List:
    Acknowledge and celebrate even your smallest wins in a way that supports you.
    Adjust your expectations.
    Apply alternative perspectives in stressful situations.
    Apply effective communications techniques in all your conversations.
    Avoid blaming others and situations outside of yourself.
    Avoid stressful people.
    Baby step your actions toward success.
    Be flexible and creative in finding solutions.
    Be generous with hugs and ask for a hug if you need one.
    Be on time or even early to all of your appointments.
    Be willing to compromise.
    Curiously look from the other person’s point of view.
    Do it now! Complete as many things as you can right now rather than procrastinating them for later.
    Don’t over commit yourself.
    Focus on what you can do right now or in the next 5 minutes.
    Focus on what’s within your control.
    Focus on your breath, and breathe deep into your whole body.
    Get more rest through meditation and some favorite relaxing activities.
    Get more rest through sleeping more hours and power naps.
    Get regular exercise 3 to 6 times weekly to activate as many muscles as you can.
    Go for a walk.
    Google keywords that help you discover new information about your goals.
    Laugh longer, louder and more often.
    Learn to say no. Practice by saying no to everything (or within a category) for a set amount of time; long enough to embody what it feels like to know you have the power to say no.
    Look for the opportunities in what’s happening.
    Move your body through dancing.
    Practice positive self-talk.
    Practice some form of daily stretching and moving all your joints.
    Read an enjoyable book.
    Ruminate over positive memories.
    Take a bath with sea salts, relaxing oils, sounds and smells.
    Take a communications class.
    Talk to someone you trust and feel safe with.
    Use deep and conscious breathing to bring oxygen into the body to help relax the body.
    Use positive affirmations.
    Use your words to express your feelings rather than keeping them inside.
    Write a To-Do List.

    Alternative Stress Relievers:
    Bach Flower Remedies
    Dance Therapy
    Deep Breathing
    Eat a raw foods diet
    Eat for your blood type
    EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
    Energetic or Reiki
    Essential Oils
    Focus on Balance daily and in Life
    Gluten or Lactose-Free Diet
    Guided Imagery Meditation
    Herbal or Diet Change
    Hire a Personal Coach
    Homeopathic Therapy
    Light Therapy
    NLP Neuro-Linguistics Programing
    Physical Exercise/Sex
    Present Awareness
    Psychic Healing
    Self Hypnosis
    Sound/Movement Therapy
    Yoga Tai Chi, Qigong

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