Business: Staying grounded to learn from direct experience.

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Often in business we learn from direct experience—hands-on. It’s important to be curious, explorative and adventurous, but also secure, present and deliberate in our thoughts and actions. Staying grounded and solid in ourselves keeps us focused and present in the moment before us. I have found that when I am thinking and speaking from my heart center my courage is more solid against my fears of moving forward and making big decisions. When I am thinking and speaking from my head, I feel flighty and scattered and give in to my fears more easily becoming overwhelmed.

In your experiences today, deliberately breath deep into your heart-center before you speak and try to think not only in your head, but also from your center then notice what comes.

Think of an important decision you need to make in business.
  • What do you notice about the decision when you think about it by breathing it deep into your body-center?
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