Confident Affirmations in Business

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  • How confident are you today?

  • Affirmations are a lovely way to lift your spirit into a state that carries you where you want to go. In business, we can all use a boost, a dose of confidence and forward moving energy. The following list of affirmations just popped into my head when I sat down to write this blog, so I just confidently flowed with it.

    Today, try on this dose of confidence affirmations.
    • I AM confident in all that I do, say and think.
    • I AM confidence in motion.
    • I breathe confidence into every cell of my body.
    • Confidence flows through my veins. It’s in my blood.
    • I radiate confidence in my smile.
    • I collect confident people into my life.
    • Confidence is the inside of me; it surrounds me; it is in abundance everywhere I go.
    • I AM a magnet of confidence.
    • I weave confidence into everything I create.
    • I love deeper with confidence.
    • I live life with confidence.
    • Today I honor my confidence.

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