Ever feel you are making decisions while in a constant state of “log-rolling”?

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Life in business can feel like a constant balancing act? Logrolling is the sport in which you and your opponent are standing on a floating log and trying to knock each other off. It’s fun and competitive in so many ways. Business logrolling, negotiations with trade-offs, challenges you to use business muscles you didn’t know you had. And you are sure to slip, fall, and have to try over and over to get real good at it. You can think of the water as the emotional drama that comes from the mistakes and mess-ups.

Think of how this scenario applies right now in your life.
  • Where do you love to create challenge?
  • And where then do you find balance and inner peace?

  • Photo by: Richard Hurd flickr.com Midwest Log-Rolling Championship 06-29-2013

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