Magic in Business Creativity

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Creating something takes time, effort and a whole lot more than we imagine when we are dreaming about what we desire to create. It’s one thing to have an idea; it’s another to breath life into that idea. One misconception about creating something like a business, for example, we allude ourselves into believing that once we have it–own it, and then it will bring us fulfillment and happiness. A business like anything else we create, represents the growth and development process we went through in creating it. Although it’s tangible, it’s not us; only an expression of us. It’s like a picture telling the creation process. The deception is that the business is not the thing we seek rather its the title of the thing we seek. The creation journey is the thing we seek as true fulfillment comes from inside of us. It’s important to set goals and if creating a business, to name it and nurture it like you would a child; these are what give us direction and focus for inner fulfillment.

  • What are you creating right now?

  • When it is created; is it–the tangible thing– what you seek in your heart? Or do you seek what the title expresses it took you to get there?
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