Risk In Business; fatal or expanding?

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A certain amount of risk in business is unavoidable, as in life.

  • How can you tell if the risks you are taking in business are going to expand you to the next level or break you?

  • Using a business plan certainly helps you run the risks before you take the gamble. What about risk in your personality? Maybe you are someone who expands with risk, grows with risk and needs the challenge to step upwards. You could also be the opposite, risk throws you over the edge in stress, and you fall into overload or burnout. A great way of working with risk in a way that works with your authentic personality is to understand your values and clarify your basic core values.

  • Why are values so important?

  • Your values are at the center of what ignites you in life and business. They are underneath the right and wrong from outside pressures and programming. They are YOU at your core! They are like signs of a road map that will help you see whether to go– the road is safe and clear, caution– move ahead slowly or stop– under construction you must use an alternative route.

    Coaching is one brilliant way of understanding what you value at your core and connect to your authenticity!

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