Does your work bring you joy and satisfaction?

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  • Does your work bring you joy and satisfaction?

  • If you don’t enjoy your current job or the career, change it! You spend more time at work than any other single area of your life. It has direct effects on your physical, mental and emotional states of health. It is extremely important that you like what you do. You cannot help but like what you do if it is based on who you are inside; as and individual. In coaching, I help you to reconnect to your true self through working with your personal values, especially in career coaching.

    You are passion. You cannot be anything else. You were conceived as a impulse of divine passion and you were nurtured by the energy of the feminine life force into existence. You were attracted to the energies and genetics of your parents and to the situations that would come your way because of their location and placement on this earth. When you deny that you are an impulse of divine intention you deny your very core essence. This life is about all of us knowing how to become the fullest expression of our passionate heart. It is your heart that carries the secrets of your soul’s wisdom. You mind is there to protect you. Your body is there to connect you to all of nature and this life. Let creation move and mold you. Let yourself be shaped by the sacred breath of the Divine Feminine. She is showing you something. She is vibrating you into existence and gifting you with multiple unique opportunities to express life. Let yourself be as big as possible. Let no part of yourself resist your passion. Let your mind protect you so that you choose wisely. And know that you are protected and always in the loving heart of the Divine. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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