How are you embracing change in your career?

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  • Do you think you embrace change or resist it?

  • With change comes ambiguity in full force. There is nothing clear, certain or controllable inside of this feeling. This uncomfortable state requires you to come to your center—that place of quiet. As you go into your center and just be with the uncomfortable, notice and observe rather than do or act, you give space. This space is what is necessary for things to move around and reorganize into a direction of action to take. There needs to be space for new things to happen.

    Think of a change you are making and notice what comes up when you think about it. Then take one of the things that surface for you and bring it into your center. Bring it into the center of your thinking, into the center of your feeling and the center of your body and just surround it with your presence and love. Do nothing, just be with it and surround it with love. Then notice what transpires.

  • What do you notice about the thing that surfaced for you in your change?
  • What the message?
  • What do you notice that has already changes inside of you by doing the exercise?

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