Full Presence Leadership Are you leading fully present?

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Great leaders take the time to understand fully those they are leading. They recognize the power in accepting diversity in others and finding the beauty in it and how it is an asset to their relationship. Everyone desires to be recognized by others for their value; it ignites them. Leaders using a full presence in their acknowledgments and handling of team members can impact their teams in a way that can drive them to complete an assignment with outcomes far beyond what they intended to accomplish. Dare to open-up more today, maybe break routine and discovers something new while leading your day fully present.

  • What does leading fully present mean to you?
  • What will it take to wake up more often—be fully present in your leadership role?
  • How can you be more present each moment today?

2 Responses to “Are you leading fully present?”

  1. Denise Myers (YBR Coaching & Consulting)

    One of the most overlooked items in leading is body language. to be fully present with the people you lead means stop typing your email and actually look at them when they have a question!
    Melody this is a great newsletter….short and to the point!
    Great to see your success in Coaching!!

    • Melody Taylor-Fliege

      Thanks Denise for your newsletter acknowledgement and for this comment. It’s so true, body language speaks so loudly in presentation. Coming back to full presents takes constant effort as we can so easily drift somewhere else with our thought before realizing it.


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