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There is a fundamental difference between just setting the completion of a task in motion, and the follow through, with verification, tracking, follow-up and other necessary steps until the end with the desired outcome. This is true, whether we are talking about a personal goal such as getting in better physical shape or the variety of organizational goals, which are achieved by a multitude of tasks, each of which requires follow-through for their accomplishment.

A proper follow-through for the multitude of tasks in an organization or corporation requires a strategy plus organization. Depending on the level of management, follow through of tasks may get you lost in the details of micromanagement. In this case, your task in follow-through is to identify the right person(s) in the organization to be tasked with the follow-through, including developing the right tools to track and schedule benchmarks for the respective tasks.

If the organization is not set up for follow-through, it is necessary to acquire the right tools, at least, develop some computer schedules and, if necessary, hire the right staff to ensure the organization’s tasks are followed through properly.

  • What will it take to set up the most efficient follow-through system to track and schedule benchmarks for the success of your task achievement?
  • Where is the simplicity in your follow-through system?
  • How transparent are your benchmarks?

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