Multi-images of Street Coaching Am Lustgarten Berlin Germany

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Empowering! Transforming! Touching people’s lives around the world is so rewarding as a Coach. I love coaching! Today our team of Street Coaches connected with people from parts of Asia, Europe, North and South America… coaching in German, English and even Russian!

A few comments from participants:
  • A surprising experience when your just sitting in the grass! –Lore
  • A good moment to rethink things! –Antonia
  • Very engaging and drew me out of myself, uncommon for me with a stranger! –William
  • It was amazing! –Sara

A BIG THANK YOU to our team of coaches! Thank you to all the special people who participated in our Street Coaching and took the courage to open-up to something new!

A beautiful day Am Lustgarten in Berlin, Germany!

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