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Today’s challenge, like almost every other day in life, entails facing what presents its self each moment throughout the day!

  1. Perhaps starting the day with nourishing one’s inner self, i.e., yoga, meditation or setting the day’s intention, can strengthen the ability to face outside influences of resistance without feeling defeated.
  2. Surrendering to what each moment has to offer can aid in achieving or even overachieving the day’s intention by challenging our mind to open and envision new ideas and ways of doing things. This expansive approach enables mastery of new skills, which strengthens confidence, flexibility, and trusting life to carry you to your next experience because you are not constrained to an exact plan.
  3. Keep moving forward throughout the day by asking, “What action can I take right now?” Then focus on doing only that next action. Before you know it, the day if over.
  4. Perhaps a gentle way of celebrating the day through closure could be looking back with gratitude and checking off of and even adding to your list of all the day’s accomplishments.
  5. Facing each moment as it comes offers unlimited opportunities to heal whatever arises, face your fears, grow and expand into a stronger version of yourself!

Go on… go ahead! Accept today’s challenge and make the most of your day!

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