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Today’s takeaway from Free Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Beijing, China – 12 September 2019 is:

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” –Roy E. Disney

Learning to listen to what your emotions are telling you about your values can help you to find balance and integrity. Essentially emotions make up the language of your values through dissonance and resonance. Moments of empowerment, as well as anxiety and depression, are extremely helpful in displaying our core values if you know what to listen for. Today’s values finding exercise helps learn through action what values are and how to listen to their message. During your next emotionally charged situation, I invite you to breathe out your head and down into your heart to create a little more self-awareness.

  • Can you step back and distance yourself from the emotionally charged elements enough to observe the situation without judgment? What do you notice?

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