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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford

The cyclical nature of our lives offers many opportunities to celebrate – some bigger than others. Waking up each day full of celebration for the quiet, still, rest we wake from and celebrating the unwritten day before us. Maybe you will choose to spend some time meditating on how to manifest the dreams and thoughts in your head into physical reality. Or perhaps you create a personal list of the things that matter most to consciously celebrate and express appreciation for the many blessings on your list. 

As a big event such as the end of the year or holiday, even a birthday gets closer, it can stir up a host of mixed emotions. We can forget that celebrating our lives with the people we care about is more important than the details, and this celebration can happen continuously. Details around the event, such as gifts, rituals, or timetables, can cause us to create unrealistic expectations from ourselves or others. These details can trigger negative emotions of past disappointments in ourselves and others that somehow dismantle our hope. No matter our expectations or emotions, the negativity is likely caused by an unrealistic sense of the upcoming celebratory event. Still, no matter our feelings or expectations, we can get so much more out of the upcoming event when we open up to the spirit of the celebration with gratitude. Using gratitude as an inward tool of reflecting over the more heartfelt significance of celebration events ignites true joy. Gratitude combined with creativity in the perspectives we use to look at a single event or our whole life helps extend loving and kind energy to all we encounter. This kind of spirit also allows us to more truly celebrate and continuously offer some of our greatest gifts like love, compassion, acceptance, understanding, and joy to everyone we encounter—especially the ones we care about most.

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