Image of large blue 2022 in background with Happy Tiger New Year! And the quote, " Life is meant for awesome adventures, good friends, great coaches, and LOTS of coffee!" by Melody Taylor-Fliege

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2022 will be a year favoring action and courageous movement. Keywords for 2022: change, courage, E-motion, willpower, personal strength, reinvention.

The restlessness of the tiger’s influence this year provides another chance to pounce on our fears! Dare to step outside the same rigid routines, have fun, play with unconventional problem-solving methods to think about our life and our experience. In the Chinese zodiac, water is the element of this tiger year. Water symbolizes fluid, clear thinking, sincerity, and accuracy. So this is a year of uproar, commotion, restlessness, and bold new moves. Trust the inner compass to guide the path.

Use this Lunar New Year to gain new perspectives; zoom-in, zoom-out, just like breathing. First, seriously sit down and look at how you speak about your life experiences, how you are speaking about yourself, how you write and talk, and say your narrative. Then, zoom-out look at the larger perspective using your intellect to see from that eagle-eye perspective. Then zoom-in to track-down, stalking exactly which things you are going to change in your life, calculating precisely which actions you will take, and timing them for maximizing your ability to conquer your fears and overpower your inner
saboteur. As you discover who you are inside, you will be able to express who you are outside … in the real world more effectively.

So get to it! Here are a few questions to help you ROAR into this Yew Luner Year with more strength in action.

  • How can I be more honest with myself to face down and conquer my fears this year? And is there a way to do it differently?
  • Can I see the light of my strength through the darkness of my weakness?
  • What have I been avoiding, running from inside that wants to be heard and seen?
  • What has seemed intimidating and scary that has been blocking my vision?
  • How can I self-parent in the most loving and forth-coming way?
  • How can I take a step and show up into something that may feel less familiar and a little less comforting?

Create and use mantras or affirmations to support achieving your 2022 vision! Here is one to get you started:

  • I no longer need to evolve and learn through crisis. I am available now to evolve and learn through inspiration, beauty, creativity, originality, and a heart-focused path.

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