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Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 06 February 2022 is:

Part of change can feel like a loss. “If seeking the good in what seems like a bad situation makes you feel uncomfortable, then try to remember that you are not devaluing what you’ve lost or replacing it coldheartedly. You are surrendering to the fact that in life, we sometimes have to let go and allow for what is new to enter the open spaces created by our losses. In doing so, you are honoring what has left you and welcoming the new into your life with open space, an open mind, and an open heart.”

Madisyn Taylor

Today’s Group Coffeeshop Coaching topics centered around finding balance in the new year following two years of COVID. This New Lunar Year of the Tiger is a year of uproar, commotion, restlessness, and bold new moves. It’s time to trust the inner compass to guide the path. However, life is full of tough choices that challenge our integrity as we find balance through the give and take in all our relationships. We question whether we are genuinely helping another help themselves or keeping them weak.

I’m going to re-emphasize a few questions from my New Year’s blog to help you ROAR into this Yew Lunar Year with more strength in action.

  • How can I be more honest with myself to face down and conquer my fears this year? And is there a way to do it differently?
  • Can I see the light of my strength through the darkness of my weakness?
  • What have I been avoiding, running from inside that wants to be heard and seen?
  • What has seemed intimidating and scary that has been blocking my vision?
  • How can I self-parent in the most loving and forth-coming way?
  • How can I take a step and show up into something that may feel less familiar and a little less comforting?

Create and use mantras or affirmations to support achieving your 2022 vision! Here is one to get you started:

  • I no longer need to evolve and learn through crisis. I am available now to evolve and learn through inspiration, beauty, creativity, originality, and a heart-focused path.

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