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We all have our own battles and personal problems to struggle with. Some may seem trivial, while others are quite difficult to win over. At times, when such challenges come into our lives, it may seem as if there is no way out; that there is no way to overcome the difficulties. This mindset may keep us from experiencing genuine happiness. When you are at the brink of such desperate points in your life, remember that your journey has a purpose and that you will find a way to rise above the difficulties in your life – and fine genuine happiness – by practicing these helpful ways to keep you on that track.

Tip 1: Find pleasure in the things that are.

No, the pandemic, the endless lockdowns, the forced withdrawals from shopping, that’s not what any one of us wanted. But look around and discover things that are there for us that we used to take for granted and which gained value. Have you ever appreciated your neighborhood park more in your life as an escape, even an oasis? Have you used the time of physical distance to re-connect remotely? Have you discovered that some of the relationships that needed to exist remotely are so important that separation almost hurt? Isn’t that something to take comfort in, having something so precious?

Tip 2: Live the Team!

Being in any type of team can be a bother. Teams at work, in the family, even your chosen sports or other hobby teammates can stress you out. However, some introspection will tell you fast that you have your quirks and that there are times when you are grateful to others for accepting you like you are. Strive for accepting team relationships for what they are. Our diversity makes life exciting, even when they come with qualities that make it difficult sometimes to be around us. Just accept that fact instead of searching for irritants, and you will discover that person at work, that difficult sibling is just who they are and maybe not so bad after all. Address your entire time in the team with this attitude, and you’ll find it easier to spend time even with the difficult team members. Living a “people are people” approach should also make it easier to cut yourself a little slack.

Tip 3: Take the Bull by the horns!

Teams can create the impression that we can lean back and let everyone else do it. A German fun interpretation of the word team (Toll ein anderer macht’s= great, someone else is doing it!) refers to this phenomenon. Sure, that sounds comfortable, but is this what you want? Aren’t you on the team to have fun working? To grow? Don’t give in to the temptation of hiding behind someone else. You know what you can do. Get out there and prove it! Most importantly to yourself.

Tip 4: Find joint relaxation and recognition of what’s been achieved.

Accomplishing as a team is not just brutal hard work. It is also important to find the time to celebrate the milestones that have been accomplished, celebrate together, play together. The challenge will find you again in due time.

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