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Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 10 July 2022 is:

Never hold yourself back from trying something new just because you’re afraid you won’t be good enough. You’ll never get the opportunity to do your best work if you’re not willing to first do your worst and then let yourself learn and grow.

Lori Deschene

In today’s coffeeshop coaching, we addressed the challenge of being or feeling out of control in a particularly challenging situation or confronted by difficult people in our lives. Controlling other people’s behavior, which influences us, typically is not an option. Therefore, we need to find different ways to address the difficult situations we find ourselves in.

We can apply various tools and utilize assets, including people in our lives who can help us make a situation less difficult. A method of addressing a challenging situation in a more playful way and making it more bearable or less difficult to get through is to imagine the situation as a virtual reality game. This way, we can imagine the situation in a variety of different constellations, imagine the behaviors or attitudes of difficult people in our lives in various ways, and thereby practice a variety of ways to deal with the situation. We can also imagine ourselves in multiple constellations with different abilities and approaches. As a result, we can not only create conditions in which we come out on top and we aren’t suffering or victimized, but we can also learn and develop new strengths and abilities for navigating all life challenges.

Two questions from today’s coaching:

  • How do I live life on my own terms while serving others?

  • How do I break free from old limiting patterns/habits and let my light shine?


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