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We need to let ourselves and others fall apart completely with the knowledge that falling apart is crucial in order for us to be transformed. ~Teal Swan~
Building a solid career foundation based in your core values is essential to a life of fulfillment. While honoring your values is naturally fulfilling even during times when it is hard, career choices in alignment with your values brings an inner peace and self-respect rather than a sense of selling yourself short and self-betrayal.

That being said, there is a natural purging process in the metamorphosis of change where we seem to loose all control and fall to pieces. Sound familiar?
  • Rather than trying to figure out how to pull yourself back together, take a moment to just notice and allow the parts of you that are no longer useful to melt away with honor and gratitude from your heart for the purpose they served in your growth and development thus far.
  • Once you feel acceptance rather than resistance to this purging process, can you relax enough to open up your mind to a new way of thinking? Can you open up to thinking from a place that is unfamiliar, new; rather than based on familiar pieces of you that seem to have run their course? Are you thinking from your head or your heart? Can you breath your awareness and thinking out of your head and into your heart? Now what do you notice is different?
  • With every letting go, there is a space that opens up for new? What you fill it with is up to you. It’s your transformation.
Coaching is a methodology that facilitates purposeful change in career and other areas of your life. Recognizing that fundamental change takes time and concentrated attention, the coaching relationship uses a communication concept based in powerful, curious questions and the principle that people are naturally creative and capable of finding career and other life solutions.

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Do you have career dreams? What are you waiting for? The right time, the right opportunity; there is no right time, there is only right now. What are you doing with your today –right now?

Brave or foolhardy is all in the perspective. Was it madness to think of starting a business during the Great Depression of the 1930s or was it genius?
  • No one told Yellow Book USA that The Great Depression was the right time to start the Yellow Pages. More likely they were about creating something that fulfilled a need of people to save money by comparison-shopping rather than wasting gas driving.
  • During The Depression three cranberry companies found success by merging together into Ocean Spray Cranberries in order to make better tasting cranberry sauce affordable to people who were pinching pennies.
  • Hewlett-Packard was founded in 1939 in a one-car garage at the end of The Great Depression. That means Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were getting their degrees; taking the action of educating themselves during the heart of The Depression that lasted from 1929 to 1939.
What are you waiting for to unleash your genius in your career? Give opportunities a try by saying yes, especially if they give you a chance to stop waiting and start doing. Start taking actions towards what your really want from your career today!

Photo: The Original HP Garage Workshop taken by Bill Slawski 2007 The original equipment housed within the garage accompanied Hewlett and Packard to their second location, but much of the equipment in the garage was from the time period, including actual documentation from HPs early days and some photos. Restoration under federal guidelines meant that at least 80% of the building was original.

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Everything in career is perspective. It’s not about what has happened or not happened but about the story you make up around its connection to help or hurt you. Our ego minds are great at making up stories and dramatizing some of the smallest details that give us justification one way or the other in events that simply cannot be explained, at least right now. When we can detach ourselves from the emotion in highly charged career experiences, there is amazing perspective that opens up information that cannot be accessed with too much emotion.

Can you detach from highly charged emotional career situations? If so, what happens when you do? What do you notice about you? About the others involved? How well can you change your career perspective? How good are you at stepping outside of yourself, your ideas, beliefs, and current judgments in order to gain new insight to a career situation? If you are not so good at this technique but interested in experiencing the benefits, you should find someone willing to help you develop this skill. You need someone who you feel safe and comfortable with to open up and explore areas where you might feel vulnerable. Consider hiring yourself a career coach.

Picture: Glued In Firenze-Forced Perspective by Christiaan Triebert

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If you feel a sense of pressure today as deadlines arrive, people act impatient or the big picture becomes overwhelming; BREATH!… Take a breath!
  • Breathe your presence down out of your head, out of your throat and into your heart.
  • Breathe again, your presence down out of your head and out of your throat; this time into your hips –your creative area.
  • As you focus your presence and thinking into your heart and hips you open yourself up to creative solutions from your true essence, that part of you that is only love.
Take this day one moment at a time, one task at a time, one breath at a time. This will help release the pressure throughout the day rather than a few big explosions you might regret.

Picture: mr.donob “It is good to release the pressure once in a while!” Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

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In setting career goals, writing them down begins the process of the action required to manifest your career dreams into reality. It’s just the beginning. Another action step is commitment. Although commitment to others outside of self, even publicly is powerful; the real power in it is actually to enforce the commitment to your self. No other commitment is as important as the commitment you make to yourself in your career goals. When you can, with all your senses, commit to what you intend to achieve, why, how and even when; you increase your career achievements by that same amount of intention. So whatever you need to do to really feel, breath-in and taste your intended career goals; DO IT! Now is the time and this opportunity is yours. Career goal commitment requires a get-up-and-go that comes in the form of hard work, fortitude and an unwavering belief that you can do whatever you set your mind to.
It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you. ~Rumi~

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We all want success in our careers. Most people spend at least 40hrs a week at work. As it is a significant part of our waking hours we want more than just paying bills and putting food on the table. We want fulfillment in our careers and to know that what we are doing matters. When doubt overshadows our way forward, we all need a little boost of inspiration. Today I share 100 inspirational quotes taken from an article out of the Huffington Post.

100 Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You to Be Successful

by Lolly Daskal, Leadership Global Consultant and Coach

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In every career there is the rough waters of conflict — Personalities don’t match, business gets mixed with pleasure, misunderstanding of all kinds. It doesn’t matter who is at fault; no one seems to escape conflict in his or her career. Are you willing to try on a different perspective today in how you approach conflict, especially in your career? What if all of a sudden those you have had conflict with were ready to forgive and let go? What if there was no special reason why they are willing to forgive and let go, they just are. The question then becomes, how willing are you? How willing are you to let go of resentment or old expectations? What do you notice as you look at your conflicts through this perspective? How can you let go? Whatever comes up for you, can you speak to others from the trueness of your heart today?

Picture: Nelson Mandela Long Walk To Freedom

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Often others see your gifts more clearly than you can. If people keep saying the same thing about you and what you would be good at, try listening to them and then notice where you have resistance to going in that direction with your career. What do you notice in your resistance? Often resistance has to do with some fear of being less than. Listen to others with an open mind and simply notice the dialogue in your mind that tells you that you cannot do in your career the thing others say you would be good at. Then tell that voice of resistance that you heard it and that you are going to give it a shot anyway. It’s your career, and sometimes there is information or direction in the soft-spoken words of others. Are you listening?

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Sometimes we get ahead of our selves, when the ideas come at light speed and our actions lead to a lot of unfinished tasks. Instead of trying to take action with every new idea today, allow for spontaneity. As you have recently taken time to plan and strategize about what it is that you want from your career, now allow for time to shift directions from serious, deep contemplation to lighter, fun-filled spontaneity. How can you let go today and trust that higher power to give you what you have created as your plan in your career? How can you simplify and lighten your day today? Where do you notice the lightness in your day? What makes you laugh? How can you put more play in the things you do today?

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As you are the builder of your career, what’s your foundation made of? How strong is it? Is your career built with bricks that ignite what gives you joy, happiness and fulfillment? Life is ever tearing down and reconfiguring it’s substance through our dreams, beliefs and actions. Your career is one expression of who you are. What does your career structure look like? If your career were a metaphor, what would it be? Do you like your career picture? If not, take action to make the change you really want. Coaching is one of the many tools and resources available to you. What are you waiting for?