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Sometimes we get ahead of our selves, when the ideas come at light speed and our actions lead to a lot of unfinished tasks. Instead of trying to take action with every new idea today, allow for spontaneity. As you have recently taken time to plan and strategize about what it is that you want from your career, now allow for time to shift directions from serious, deep contemplation to lighter, fun-filled spontaneity. How can you let go today and trust that higher power to give you what you have created as your plan in your career? How can you simplify and lighten your day today? Where do you notice the lightness in your day? What makes you laugh? How can you put more play in the things you do today?

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As you are the builder of your career, what’s your foundation made of? How strong is it? Is your career built with bricks that ignite what gives you joy, happiness and fulfillment? Life is ever tearing down and reconfiguring it’s substance through our dreams, beliefs and actions. Your career is one expression of who you are. What does your career structure look like? If your career were a metaphor, what would it be? Do you like your career picture? If not, take action to make the change you really want. Coaching is one of the many tools and resources available to you. What are you waiting for?

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This week is a great time to consider your career priorities and what your agenda is for the coming weeks and months. Spend time planning and thinking about how you (through your career choices) are expressing the meaning of your life. Career coaching is a great tool in accessing and uncovering what is already inside of you. A career coach like me can help you customize a plan of action, synced with your core value system, that boosts you forward in your career goals especially through the tough spots along the path. Another great career tool I sometimes refer people to use in gaining a deeper understanding of their personality is a psychological assessment, that I cannot administer as I am not a psychologist. One of the best-known and widely used personality tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI). Since the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is a psychological assessment, it is restricted to use by certified professionals. You will need to either find a practitioner who is certified to administer it to you, or you can take the official MBTI assessment and receive your results and interpretation assistance online.

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September is the time between seasons. The time between an ending and a beginning is great for a pause to reflect and calibrate for more accuracy in your next career step. It’s back to school and back to work; both are elements of your career. Take time to breath and focus before you proceed with the next step. Spend time planning, making lists and considering your priorities of what you want out of your career in life. Does the past offer any lessons that can help propel you forward? If so, what are they? Are you ready for change? If so, what kind of change? What seems to be calling you from within? Listen to yourself. Take time to really listen to what feels true and authentic in you life, in your career.

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Your career is unique and as special as you are in that you have chosen it. Every experience along your career path is somehow a stepping-stone to something else. Each stage is precious. Thinking about what you want to be when you grow up, the way in which you educate yourself, your first job through retirement and beyond, and every advancement as well as disappointment are all part of the legacy you will leave behind. What do you want that legacy to be? How consciously are you making your career choices? Where are you settling for less? What do you need to let go of?

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Are you in need of a new idea or a better solution to something right now in your life? If so, try answering some of these seven questions about what you are seeking?
  1. Can you change or substitute any part of it?
  2. What would happen if you combine it with something else?
  3. How might you readjust it to serve a different purpose?
  4. What happens if you emphasize, highlight, add or subtract anything to or from it?
  5. What happens if you reverse anything or consider it backwards?
  6. What is non-essential or unnecessary?
  7. If I knew nothing about it, how might I look at it for the first time?
Now, look at your answers. What did you come up with? Did you find any worthwhile solution? Can you apply anything from your answers to the idea or solution you’re seeking? If so, explore it further and apply what parts work and let go of what doesn’t.

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Can you move through this day like a child celebrating in the beauties and wonders life has to offer in each moment, skipping and singing a long as you go? Does your touch calm and reassure someone and make him or her feel loved? Does your voice sing an uplifting melody of hope and thanksgiving for even your breath? Do your ears hear the reach and striving for more in someone releasing passions and fears? Do your eyes show acceptance, understanding and love for diversity in people, nature, and living? You can do it now, in this moment! Just feel your body, the oxygen of your breath ripple out and fill every cell in your body with light and love. Feel the flow of energy through your being heightening your sense of calm, confidence and curiosity. Feel your connection to all of life. Acknowledge the flicker of life that is in you is in everything. Feel your connection to all that is. Give thanks and find a way of expressing it into this day.

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  1. BREATH – Breathing deeply allows more oxygen to the body, brain and all the cells of your body. More oxygen is certainly good for better functioning of all the body systems.
  2. MEDITATION – It’s been around for ages and seems to be a mainstream thing in todays fast pace life styles. Probably because IT WORKS! Taking even five minutes a day to focus on your breath and quiet your thinking mind can provide tremendous benefits to your health.
  3. EXERCISE –Choose exercise that you like and make sure it is fun for you. Exercise creates endorphins, but if you hate what you’re doing it can create the opposite effect. Exercises like yoga and Qigong involve moving, stretching and breathing. They are great for de-stressing, finding your center and grounding yourself.
  4. MUSIC –Listening to uplifting, motivating and positive music can lighten your mood. Engaging your body through dancing or moving to the music magnifies the positive. So let go and get into the rhythm!
  5. ACTION – Do one action towards your To-Do-List no matter how small.

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If your thoughts were amplified a thousand-fold, what would you think? If you could feed a thousand people with the food of your thoughts, would it be nourishment or poison that they receive? The Internet has made it possible to spread your message to thousands in a matter of minutes. It also allows you to think twice and prepare your message before it gets amplified. What message do you want to amplify?